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>> "teen kids news" is next, and here's what we've got. >> turning the pain of cyber-bullying into a triumph. >> ♪ when you're out in the crowd, knocking little kids down, does it make you feel big, does it make you feel proud? ♪ >> from making a class presentation, to asking for a date, the key to success is the ability to communicate. we'll talk about that. >> are you eating what you should be eating? we'll find out. >> we'll solve the mystery of the misplaced modifier. >> some believe in it. some say it's all nonsense. i'll tell you about astrology. >> so, join us now for this week's "teen kids news."
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>> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. we'll start with our top story. >> bullies have always been around. just ask your parents and even your grandparents. but the internet has given bullies a powerful, new tool for torment. as scott reports, many kids are finding that the internet also offers a powerful way to fight back. >> you can now see them on youtube -- videos that show support for the victims of cyber-bullies, like this one. it's about a boy who's relieved to discover he's not the only one. >> ♪ i'm not alone
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>> hunter made the video with his classmate lauren. it earned them a trip to san francisco and a top award at the great american no-bull challenge. >> two years ago i was cyber-bullied. i wrote this song, "i'm not alone," which is what we hear in the video. it's a privilege to be able to be standing here to be able to be involved. the best is yet to come. thank you. [ crowd cheers ] >> kids around the country are invited to submit videos that they've produced. it's all about sending the message that bullying is bad, period, and that social media like twitter and facebook are not playgrounds for cyber-bullies. social media has become the main outlet for teens to communicate, and, as a result, there's been tons and tons of cases of cyber-bullying, and together we think that we can really fight it. so, that's what we're trying to do. >> so, the "no bull" challenge fights cyber-bullies on their own turf -- the internet. >> what do you want? >> can we help you? >> um... >> she's so grungy. >> here's an example of another winning video.
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>> we don't do that here. bullying? do you realize that in america, almost 200,000 students are afraid to come to school every day because they're afraid of being bullied? that's why at cy ranch, we don't do that. this is how we do it. >> ♪ when you look in the mirror, tell me what do you see? ♪ ♪ are you wearing the words that you're throwing me? ♪ ♪ when you're fixing your hair and whitening your teeth, do you know that it's ugly what you do to me? ♪ ♪ guess what? ♪ you're lame ♪ you don't even know my name ♪ oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ oh, i don't want to play your games ♪ >> you can compete for scholarships and prizes in several categories. this video from cypress ranch high school in texas won for community involvement. >> ♪ who do you think you are? ♪ trying to call the shots ♪ think you're so cool, but you're so not ♪ >> the video was created by trip oswald, a senior at cypress ranch. >> bullying is something that has to stop, and we're all
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really passionate about that. it's just been such an amazing journey for all of us. and we were just astounded by all the people that we had show up. >> ♪ ...that you're so cool, but you're so not ♪ >> as this video proves, you can get your whole school on board the "no bullying" bandwagon. and that's the goal of the great american "no bull" challenge -- make a great video, go viral, and change attitudes. [ drums banging rhythmically ] >> you can find more terrific videos at the link on our website. hopefully, you'll be inspired to create your own video for next year's "no bull" challenge. good luck! >> we have a lot more to tell you about. >> so stay with us.
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>> this report is brought to you by >> i had always been heavy my whole life, and it just escalated as i got older. and i was just in a dark spot where, you know, i gave up, you know? >> abby's outlook is a lot brighter today. she's making changes in the way she eats and exercises, but she's not doing it alone. she joined a free online community called fitsmi. >> it's focused on making good, healthy changes, not just on how many pounds you lost. >> the fitsmi website is packed with all kinds of information about things like nutrition, exercise, and even fashion. and as abby has discovered, fitsmi now has an added dimension -- weekly coaching with a registered dietitian. >> my role at fitsmi group
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coaching is to be the expert, to give them some education, because there's so many nutrition messages out there that it's so confusing. and this helps straighten the girls out on what they really need to do to help them lose weight and be healthy and active. >> hey, guys, welcome to fitsmi group coaching! >> every week, abby joins other girls and the coach online. >> we're gonna talk about why food journaling is so >> the coaching comes with fun, interactive "e-sessions" loaded with cool information. there's also the "change machine." it's a great way to choose your own changes, track them, and then share your progress with the other girls. >> so, the change machine, when you're posting on there, it's real easy. you just go to the website or do it on your phone. >> the intimate group offers privacy. so, the girls find it easy to share their problems, as well as ideas and advice. >> you get ahole community of
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other teen girls who are struggling with some of the same issues. >> do you guys ever get discouraged when you're shopping, and nothing looks good on you? >> it can be such a pain, and when you're shopping with other people, and they're thin. >> oh, yeah, that's the worst! >> they're like, "why don't you try this on? well, um, not my size. >> while the fitsmi site is free, the coaching costs a little extra. but for abby, it's making a big difference. >> and i've been working out every weekend. fitsmi coaching has been amazing. it tells me so many things that i would have never known. you know, it's so much fun because we're not just a bunch of girls trying to lose weight. we're like a community of girls that are all trying to do the same thing. >> i've started exercising a lot more. >> when i first heard about the coaching part of fitsmi, i was really excited, because we know that people, all people, i think, especially teenagers, they just need a lot of
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reinforcement. >> abby now gets reinforcement from an expert and from her peers. >> if everyone else is eating unhealthy, it's hard to eat healthy for yourself. >> you get jealous. it looks really good. it actually -- it takes just working out and eating right to a new level. it's a social-media thing. it's also a healthy thing! and because living a healthy lifestyle takes commitment from the whole family, there are plans to add coaching for parents, as well. to find out more, you can visit for "teen kids news," i'm nicole. >> most kids know that dolphins are mammals, and they can jump really high. you'll probably be surprised to learn that dolphins regularly sleep with one eye open. this is because they need to remain conscious to float and breathe. >> up next, we'll make sure you're eating your daily fruits and veggies.
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>> a car that can read your
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mind is in the works in italy. ferrari is developing sensors that measure the driver's mental state. those sensors then tell the car how to respond. so, if you're too excited to drive carefully, the car's computer won't let it go fast. i guess that's why the most important part of a computer is called the "mother" board. >> is a grammar goof getting between you and a great essay? christina has the cure for a common slip. >> i don't know what that is. >> sounds like some kind of machine. i have no clue. >> i don't know. >> something that is supposed to change something, but it changes the wrong thing, maybe? >> that's pretty close. but in grammar you can't just be close. you need to be correct. so, watch out for misplaced modifiers. they can really mess up the meaning of a sentence. >> and this occurs when you have an introduction to the main sentence, and the main sentence actually doesn't connect correctly back to the modifier that introduces it. >> here's an example -- "leaking oil, the mechanic fixed the car." >> "leaking oil, the mechanic
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fixed the car." >> did you catch the misplaced modifier? "leaking oil" refers to the car, not the mechanic. >> when i say "leaking oil, comma, the mechanic fixed the car," it sounds like the mechanic is the person who's leaking oil, when, in fact, it's the car, not the mechanic, that's leaking oil. >> the sentence should read, "leaking oil, the car was fixed by the mechanic." >> oh! oh, yeah, of course! >> the key is to use common sense. as a rule of thumb, the modifier should be next to the word it's modifying. so, put those modifiers in their place. for example -- reporting for "tkn," i'm christina. >> in "speak of the week," it's your turn to tell us what you think. >> experts say we need to eat a certain amount of fruits and vegetables every day. they call this the "recommended number of servings." the question is, are you eating the recommended amount?
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>> um, i don't think so. >> i do not eat the recommended number of vegetables and fruits. >> probably not. [ laughs ] i'm not sure. i don't think so. >> yeah, i eat most of the fruits and vegetables that they tell me to eat. >> i think so. i like fruit a lot, but i don't know about vegetables. [ laughs ] >> if you're young, you really need, like, fruits and vegetables 'cause that will be, like, really important, 'cause you need to grow. >> i don't really like meat all that much, and so i usually eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. >> so what is the recommended number of servings? >> like three or four? >> i have no idea what the number of servings are. >> for fruits and veggies? probably five to six servings. i'm not sure. >> three each. but i eat more fruits than vegetables cause fruits are better. >> like, three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit? >> no idea. >> i think that the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables are like three or four servings
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of vegetables, maybe, or like two or three servings of fruit, something like that. >> actually, you're supposed to eat at least five servings of fruits and veggies each and every day. >> oh, wow! >> if only they had a minimum number of servings of chocolate! for "teen kids news," i'm brandon. barry, time is running out. according to my calculations, 1 in 5 kids in america struggles with hunger. how can so many children face hunger, when there is more than enough food to feed them all? doo ba baba doo! you're right, barry! baba doo! we can help solve hunger by teaming up with feeding america to get food to hungry kids in communities across the country. announcer: help flint and the feeding america network of food banks get food to the people who need it in your community. find your local feeding america food bank at together, we're feeding america!
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built with you in mind. >> few would argue that e-mail, texting, and social media have lots of benefits. but many people also think they have their drawbacks.
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there's concern that technology is undercutting some of our basic and most needed abilities, like being able to speak with confidence, write clearly, and develop problem-solving skills. emily introduces us to a mom and daughter who are offering some advice. >> meet maribeth and lizzie kuzmeski. when it comes to communication, they've got a lot to say. in fact, they wrote a book about the importance of developing good communication skills. it's called "the engaging child." welcome. >> hi. >> hi. thanks for having us here. >> maribeth, why did you write the book? >> well, i have two teenagers, and i noticed that some of the ways that they were communicating weren't necessarily the ways that were helping them practice communication skills. texting, facebook -- they're all great, and we love having all of those different technologies to use. but i found that the skills that they weren't practicing were the ones that were probably going to make a bigger difference in their lives -- for instance, getting a job, getting into college. we've got to be able to communicate.
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if you want to ask somebody on a date or get somebody to say yes to go to the prom with you, we have to be able to communicate in a compelling way that gets people to say "yes." and i think kids are more practiced on texting than they are on their face-to-face skills. >> lizzie, in the book it says that your mom gives you the responsibility for calling for things like doctor appointments. why do you think that's a good idea? >> it's a really great idea because it can help you practice your communication skills with strangers, and it can help you be more confident when you do things by yourself. i have to call when i make doctor's appointments, when i order something, when i want to make a nail appointment, and it helps me figure out my time and do things for myself. for those of us who'd be pretty intimidated to make calls like that, what advice do you have? >> just be very confident and be very sure of yourself when you're on the phone. and don't be really insecure. >> just about every kid will have to do fund-raising at some point. any tips? >> well, what i've seen is that a lot of parents will do the
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fund-raising for their kids, and that's okay, sending out an e-mail and going and dropping something off at the office and saying, "please sign up for this." but they're missing out on one of the best ways for kids to communicate, and that is actually getting face-to-face and asking somebody to contribute to something that is important to them, fund-raising. >> and, for example, i just went to peru recently, and i did all my fund-raising by myself. and it really helped me practice my communication and relationship skills. my grandpa said that he would buy one candy bar, and i ended up selling him the whole box. >> nice. lizzie, let's talk about communicating with parents. for example, i'm trying to get my parents to let me do some thing that maybe they're not so hot on. what should i do or not do? >> well, you really should not do is, you should not complain or whine if they say no. really don't beg at the beginning. really calmly ask them what you want and be polite and make sure that you're telling them that
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you really want this, and you're being polite about it. >> any last comments on good communication? >> well, there's no question that face-to-face communications are critical for kids. and the one way we get better at that is just practicing. so, if you get in an argument with a friend or something like that, instead of texting them, how about getting face-to-face? how about skyping them or something where you're actually, you can see what the facial reactions are, and you practice those skills because those skills are the ones that are gonna matter. >> well, lizzie and maribeth, let me communicate cleary my thanks for being our guests today. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> a wise person once said that "communication works for those who work at it." good advice. >> most of us know what happens when you put mentos in a bottle of coke zero. it creates an explosive reaction. well, two guys have been doing experiments and posting them on youtube. first, they built a specially designed car. then, they took coke zero and
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mentos -- lots of coke zero and mentos. mixing them together, the car took off like a rocket sort of. it went almost the length of a football field. what a tasteful way to solve the global energy crisis. music i want some more. what's he doing? please sir, i want some more. more? he has asked for... thank you. well he did say please... yes he did. and thank you. please and thank you. pass it on. (crowd of children) thank you.
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(crowd of children) thank you. um]um] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] [phone ring,] car brakes hard [phone ring] [car crash] glass shatters [sirens] this video was submitted by a student through the safety scholars program. for more information on teen safety visit
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>> maybe you believe the moon and the stars influence behavior. or maybe you just like to check your horoscope for fun. either way, eden reports on an unusual website and the 13-year-old who created it. >> you see the shop? you might need to fix the links. >> clementine is putting the latest touches on her website, "astrology in you." she got interested in astrology when her dad married her stepmom, ophira. >> when i first met her, she told me she was an astrologer. >> let's stop here for a second. don't confuse "astrology" with "astronomy." astronomy is a true science. it studies the universe.
2:55 pm
astrology is not a science. simply put, astrology is the belief that things like the stars, moon, and planets govern our daily lives. i had some questions to ask her, and she told me a lot about my sign, and it was really cool. >> got to stop again so i can explain this. thousands of years ago, the ancient babylonians thought the sun traveled a path across the sky. they called that path the "ecliptic." of course, we now know that it's the earth, not the sun, that moves. but that's not important here. anyway, the ecliptic was divided into 12 parts, and a constellation was associated with each part. >> a constellation is like a pattern of stars in the sky.>> p a shape. >> correct. for example, what does this group of stars look like to you? to the ancients, it looked like two people -- twins in fact. so they named this constellation gemini. astrologers call gemini a "sign." all together, there are
2:56 pm
12 signs, and they form the zodiac. some others signs are... >> aquarius. >> pisces. >> aries and cancer. >> leo. >> aries. is that what it is? i think it's a ram. >> scorpio. >> virgo. >> capricorn. that's basically all i know. >> your birthday determines your sign. for example, if you were born on any day between march 21 and april 20, your sign is aries. if your birthday is anywhere from april 21 to may 21, you're a taurus, and so on. got all that? good. let's get back to clementine and her stepmom, ophira. by the way, ophira helps to run a website on astrology for adults. >> clementine came to me and asked me if i would teach her how to build a website, and i said, "sure." >> i wanted to make a website because there aren't a lot of websites made by kids for astrology. >> amazingly enough, i showed her how i did it one time, and then she remembered it and just went on and built her own site. >> i really wanted to show my
2:57 pm
artwork for each of the signs, and i wanted to say my opinions on all the signs and things. >> another thing about astrology is that some people believe your sign tells a lot about your personality. >> february 16th. i'm an aquarius. they're very practical, like, kind of reserved emotionally. and i think it fits. >> i do know my astrological sign. i'm a leo, and i just know that they are supposed to be strong-willed. >> do you think it fits you? >> not really. >> i'm a taurus, and i have no idea what we do or anything like that. i just know that i'm a taurus. [ laughs ] >> i'm a leo, and they're fun, they're nice, and for fashion they have, like, a really bold fashion sense. >> besides games and advice, clementine's website has horoscopes. >> a horoscope is what tells how
2:58 pm
the day is gonna go like and how you're gonna feel. >> it's like predicting your future, or what's gonna happen to you soon. >> yeah, i check it most every day. >> some people believe in astrology. others just think it's fun. >> astrology can be fun because you can see your future. >> neither clementine nor her stepmom takes the subject too seriously. >> i do know some people who are out to scientifically try to prove astrology. i'm not one of them. >> but at the very least, it's a tried-and-true way to start a conversation. what sign are you? for "tkn," i'm eden... and oh, yeah, i'm a leo. >> that's all for this week. thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you next time, with more "teen kids news."
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>> here's a shout-out to pr newswire for including "teen kids news" on their big screen in times square, new york city. >> from baltimore a special thank-you to all our men and women serving in our military.
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